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Automatically Builds Sankey Diagrams!

SankeyBuilder! Quick Setup. Total Control!

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Sankey Node Lock!

Move Nodes Anywhere! Lock! Save And Restores Node Positions!

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Automatic Node Value Placement!

When values won't fit in a node, SankeyBuilder moves them out to the node text! Automatically!

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Horizontal or Vertical Diagrams!

Your choice of diagram orientation!

Did you know...

SankeyBuilder is the only tool that creates Sankey diagrams automatically...upload your file and it scans each column of data and lays out the diagram! It will even detect a column of data with numeric values, and set that as the weight of the paths/links, you see in the Sankey diagram!

Some of SankeyBuilder's Exclusive features...Automatic Paging of large data sets with sit back and relax playback, the abiltiy to move Nodes and then Lock them into place...we call this Node Lock...SankeyTrend which allows you to include multiple values allowing you to playback Time Slots or even Pause and Resume Time! And of course you can make copies of a diagrams to create slightly different views from the same data. Like the look of a diagram? Refresh the values with our Update feature! Oh and then there is the drag & drop fields that allow you to change the data relationships on the fly.

Looking to style your Sankey diagram...sure...we have you covered! Adds Arrows to paths, color paths/links or even Nodes! Change the size of the font, adjust the scale of paths to make complex paths stand out, and even adjust Node spacing or width, and even animate paths to highlight areas of interest!

Now you can do everything!

Per Month


  • 7 Day Trial!
  • 3 Diagrams!
  • 4 Fields Per Diagram
  • 12 Value Fields Per Diagram
  • Admin Account!
    Add or Remove Diagrams!

Per Year


  • 7 Day Trial!
  • Unlimited Diagrams!
  • 12 Fields Per Diagram
  • 365 Value Fields Per Diagram
  • Admin Account!
    Add or Remove Diagrams!

Frequently asked questions

We have included the most common answers to questions we have recieved at SankeyBuilder. If you still have an unanswered question please try our Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.

Top Questions

Signup: Select either a monthly or yearly plan. The subscription you choose for the free trial will be the subscription your trial turns into after seven days. During the trial period, you have complete access to all the features in SankeyBuilder with that subscription. Please allow 24 hours for support to set you up with the SankeyBuilder account.

Cancellation: If you wish to cancel the trial, please do so with PayPal before the 7 days are up. If you do not cancel the subscription before the 7 days, PayPal will put the subscription charge through and no refunds are available. To cancel a subscription, you need to cancel it with PayPal before it renews. When we receive a cancellation confirmation from PayPal, access to the account is disabled; however the data is retained for 90 days before removal...optionally obtain another subscription and we will re-instate that account.
Select a tutorial from the list below to learn more about some of the features in SankeyBulder...
  1. File, Upload and Build tab...
  2. Path tab...
  3. Node Lock...
  4. Node Padding and Automatic Value Placement...
  5. Share Diagrams...
We recommend Google Chrome, FireFox or Microsoft Edge browsers. Currently they are the only browsers that support the full SVG spec and thus support all SankeyBuilder features.

No we do not offer refunds once the 7 day trial has expired...We feel that once you try SankeyBuilder during the free trial, that should have given you plenty of time to try SankeyBuilder, and to make your executive decision to continue with the subscription.

To cancel a subscription, cancel it with PayPal before the subscription expiration date. If you cancel your SankeyBuilder account/subscription, the SankeyBuilder account is disabled; however we will hold the data for 90 days before removing it. If you signup for a paid subscription after an initial cancellation, we will reactivate the account. If you do not renew in 90 days or less, the SankeyBuilder account and associated data is removed.

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