There are several options when exporting a diagram

If you are on a Windows computer, select the Alt and Print Screen buttons at the same time on your keyboard to copy the view of the screen to the clipboard.  Then paste it into a Word document or PowerPoint presentation or other application.

If you want the diagram in an image format, click the PNG or SVG buttons on the Export tab in SankeyBuilder and save the file to your local computer.

If you want to export the diagram in PNG format you have the option of a transparent or white background, and you can adjust the scale of the diagram. 

With the White and Default size buttons selected click the Preview button.  Like what you see? Close the Preview dialog and click the PNG button.

With the White and ½ size button selected click the Preview button.  The diagram size is cut in half.  Like what you see?  Close the Preview dialog and click the PNG button.

If you had a diagram that is getting cut off during export, adjust the Left and Top settings.  To move the diagram to the right, increase the Left value.  To increase space above the diagram, use a negative number to push the diagram down.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of the Export options available in SankeyBuilder. Have a question?  Enter it via the Contact Us form on the home page.  We will respond in 24 hours or less!